PF Kabwata ward elections, confusion and confrontation

PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo
PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo

The Patriotic Front (PF) Ward elections in Kabwata constituency were this morning marred with confusion and confrontation after some members were barred from taking part in the elections on account that they are suspended.
PF Members who were barred from participating in the elections however argued that the party leadership recently lifted all the suspensions at the party grass roots level except cases that are before the PF Disciplinary Committee and therefore there was no need of preventing them from taking part in the elections.

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PF Kamwala Ward Chairman George Chingwe, who is among the members barred from taking part in the elections, has told QFM News that even the PF Chairperson for Elections Emmanuel Mpakata clearly stated that all those who were suspended are free to participate in the elections as their suspensions were lifted.

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Mr. Chingwe accused Kabwata Constituency Chairman David Silubanje of being behind the confusion after leaving instructions that those who were suspended before should not be allowed to participate in the elections.
Mr. Chingwe states that it took the PF Chairperson for elections Emmanuel Mpakata to call Mr. Silubanje to come back and to resolve issue.

Meanwhile, Kabwata Constituency Chairman David Silubanje says he has engaged the top party leadership to help clarify who is eligible to stand so that no one is disadvantaged.
The PF is holding Ward elections across the country to choose the party leadership at the constituency level.



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