Inflow of tourists is increasing under PF – Kapata


Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata says the inflow of tourists in the country has continued to increase since the PF came to power in 2011 contrary to sentiments by the opposition that government has failed to manage the tourism sector.

Ms Kapata notes that the launch of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA) Uni-visa between Zambia and Zimbabwe last year has also made it easy for tourists to move across the border freely.

Ms Kapata has disclosed that Cabinet this morning approved the KAZA link between Zambia and Malawi which she says will boost the tourism sector between the two countries.


She says the opposition UPND is simply bitter with the PF government because they lost the 20th January presidential elections hence their criticism of government that it has lamentably failed to manage the tourism sector.

She adds that there is no doubt that the UPND is trying by all means to frustrate the ruling party so that they fail to perform.

Ms Kapata says the people are seeing the efforts of the PF government in promoting the tourism sector.