China’s Shantui to supply bulldozers to Zambia National Service


China-based construction company Shantui has signed a deal with Zambia National Service to supply around US$4mn worth of equipment such as bulldozers and excavators

Shantui will supply excavators and bulldozers to Zambia National Service as part of a programme to train youth in the country. (Image source: Shantui)

The order consists of 320 hp SD32 bulldozers and 20-ton SE210 excavators, said Shantui officials. The company succeeded in procuring the order after several months of negotiation and bidding with AVIC International, they added.

The machines, which were shipped from China’s Tianjin Port, will be used as part of a programme that will employ youth to develop infrastructure in Zambia.

Shantui made a similar order in 2014 to the Kenya National Youth Service, said officials, enhancing its presence in African nations as a key equipment supplier.


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