Prophet Joshua Iginla is drenched in shame over elections


Prophet Joshua Iginla is drenched in shame after his prophecy on Nigerian election fails to come to pass as the opposition sweeps to victory over the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.

He prophesied, “The analysts may analyze that the opposition will win but that’s not what am seeing. What am seeing is that the one on the seat will still be there. You don’t need to pray about the prophecy, it will not go change.”

Prophet Iginla apparently became popular in Zambia when he ‘successfully’ prophesied Edgar Lungu’s ‘victory’.

Yesterday Nigeria’s top opposition leader Muhamadu Buhari was declared winner of the elections.



  1. He has failed because he is used to see things which are not genuine,he thought the thing will work in Nigeria,now there this time they used powerful machine and they failed to rigg the votes.

  2. Self proclaimed prophets are just there to cheat and swindle.True prophets should be there to assist people repent and turn away from sin.

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