Meteorology Dept explains cause of negative rainfall


The Meteorology Department has clarified that the cause of negative rainfall indicators has been due to the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) that was allegedly weak at certain times during this year’s rain season.

ITCZ is a belt of low pressure which circles the earth generally near the equator where the trade winds of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres come together.

Director of Meteorology Department Jacob Nkomoki says currently, the ITCZ has established itself over the southern parts of Zambia and is inducing rainfall activities over most parts of the country.

Mr. Nkomoki says out-breaks of rain and thunder is likely to prevail over most parts of the country during the week during this rainfall period.

Mr. Nkomoki said this in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.

He said Western, Southern and Lusaka provinces are likely to experience a slight reduction in rainfall while the rest of the seven provinces are likely to receive normal rains.

He said the 2014/2015 rain season has been characterized with negative indicators of late or delayed start in most parts of Zambia, prolonged dry spells in North-western and Eastern provinces respectively.