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Once in a rare while a brilliant star appears. A special gift to the world. A Unique breath of fresh air. This time the gem is embodied in an artist by the name of Nora.

Born Nora Chapazuwa Kalusa, she, a 2nd in a family of three was born on 8th June 1986, in Lusaka, Zambia.

Nora’s musical journey started at the age of 13 when she joined a church choir. During that time she as a junior was fortunate to rub shoulders with the late great Zambian musician Lilly T who was her senior at the time.

Nora continued to develop her for vocal abilities by imitating great gospel singers like Cede Win as, and others which later earned her the play name queen of R&B amongst friends and family.

At the age of 20 years she was searching for the right music label to push her career forward when she landed a talent development contract at Sling Beats as a gospel artist. This was short lived when her life took a drastic turn.

At this point Nora took a 7 year musical break and got married and blessed with two beautiful children.

All this time she never forgot about music. When the desire strongly knocked on her door again she decided to fulfill her long term dream of being a musician by tracking down her former producer/writer and CEO of Sling Beats Chali “Bravo” Mulalami.

Equipped with a soulful voice of an angel signed a new contract Nora with the legendary label and has currently completed a 10 track album comprising of a unique fusion of music, varying from 1930’s style swing, soul, jazz, local folk and R&B specially packaged for the Zambian pallet.

Teamed up with Bravo, their collective goal is to expand the musical field that is called Zambian music to give authentic music lovers through out the world a rare fresh, new and unique experience.

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