Everybody Needs Hope – KB, Alpha Romeo, Jae Cash, Juvic Muzic & Chilu (Official Video HD)


TRIBUTE TO Samson Ng’ambi. This song is based on the true life story of Samson Ng’ambi who is a recipient of the “Breaking the Chains of Poverty in Zambia” scholarship program by the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development (ZISD). It tells the story of how despite facing challenges in life, he still manages to never lose HOPE and overcome life’s hurdles. The song was done as a tribute to Samson Ng’ambi by KB and the Young Energy Movement (Alpha Romeo, Jae Cash, Juvic Muzic, Chilu). This was done so that his story can motivate people in need of HOPE and stress the fact that no matter where you come from you can do anything. This video is the second video from the upcoming Develop Zambia 10101 Music Project which aims to give HOPE through the use of music. Follow ZISD on http://facebook.com/10101nomaone , twitter: @10101nomaone , website http://developzambia.org, Youtube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCskfJrbJOs1Ti7rBsTM3MCw