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Humphrey Mwila, otherwise known as Cactus Agony is currently one of Zambia’s leading music  superstars. His musical aspirations began way back in 1996 in South London, England, where he was schooled in the art of writing and toasting by his close friend, Mr. Lopez and a South London Hip Hop  outfit called the Nappy Clinch Clan. Living in and around London’s African, Jamaican and other Third

World Communities gave Cactus, as he says, a better understanding of who he was and what he represented, hence the album title track “Bush Territory”. A year later he went on to study at Middlesex

University and eventually returned to Zambia in 1999.

In 2001, Cactus became part of a Zambian-based Hip-Hop label called Cypher Music for a year and this

saw his official debut appearance onto the Zambian music scene. Not long after, He sought out the producers for his album, “Bush Territory” and his search led him to top producers and proprietors of Kula Music.


Cactus’ debut album, “Bush Territory” was released in 2008. It became a huge hit, spawning hits like “Waiting” and “Body Can’t Lie”. The album is a powerful representation of Zambia in a musical sense through its blend of Afro-Jazz, Reggae and Hip-Hop and through its lyrical content that transcends age, race and cultural barriers, as it is conscious. Bush Territory is a statement, a banner claiming  Zambian and Africa’s place in the world. The album features a host of Zambia’s finest singers and  producers, creating an all in all great listening experience.


Cactus’ popularity grew over the year, especially with the videos for “Waiting” which was voted as “Video Of The Month” on ZNBC’s “Born And Bred” music video show and “Body Can’t Lie” which spent  two weeks at Number One on MUVI TV’s music show, “The People’s Choice” in 2009. Success did not  end there. Cactus went on to co-write and perform songs for various cause-related campaigns such

A relentless performer, Cactus has been busy working with artists on the international and local scene, artists such as Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mutukudzi, P-Square, JK, Joe Angels, Mr. Switcher and a lot more.

As time went on, the Kula family gave him the alias “The Philosopher” because his songs always reveal spiritual insight, deeper life philosophy and an insight into the power of love.


In 2011, Cactus was invited to become a Change Maker and Ambassador under the Unicef led initiative called the Brothers For Life Campaign; a regional initiative that started at the 2010 World Cup which  sought male involvement in the response to HIV/AIDS. He has welcomed this role and continues to  serve as an Ambassador in Zambia.


He currently has his own band known as “The 3-Piece Band”. He is definitely a star in his own right and  only the sky is the limit for him.


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