Church urged to accommodate sexually active girls


The Centre For Reproductive Health and Education  ( CRHE ) has called on the church to actively get involved in the fight against teenage pregnancies.



CRHE  Executive Director Amos Mwale says there is need for the church to accept that young girls are sexually active and as such need guidance in order for them to start practicing safe sex.



Mr Mwale said the fight against teenage pregnancy and early marriages was being curtailed by fact that school going children are not accessing the necessary reproductive health services they require.



“ Girls are afraid to discuss with elders issues regarding their sex lives because they  are meant to believe that it  is wrong from the church or traditional point of view, “ he said.



Mr Mwale said sexual reproductive health services should be made available to young people in order for them to be able to make informed decisions.



He said sexual reproductive health services does not mean distribution of condoms in schools but providing information and other form of contraception at the right time and place.



He stressed that the fact is that is that girls are practicing un-safe sex hence the need to come up with measures that can help them make correct decisions and practise safe sex.



He said the development will not help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS further stating that if girls are falling pregnant then it means they are also getting infected with the virus.



Mr Mwale noted that the re-entry policy has only helped them to go back to school and finish their education if they fall pregnant but not to deter them from exposing themselves to sexual activities.



He said that young people’s morals are being corrupted by what they read and see in the media further urging the media to be mindful of   what they bring out in the productions.



“Society has become something else because even the musicians usually sing about love that also impacts on the young ones negatively”, he noted.