President Lungu warns PF not to undermine his powers


Republican President Edgar Lungu says he will not abuse his office to fix people.

And the Head of State has warned PF members not to undermine his authority and incite him to remove certain people from office because of their political affiliations.

President Lungu says his duty is to protect Zambians without favor or fear despite the p
olitical affiliations of Zambians.

President Lungu says he will not interfere in cases that are before the courts of law saying the law should take its course.

He says if a petition is brought before his attention and the case is before court, he cannot do anything because his hands are tied.

And President Lungu has warned PF members not to undermine his powers by influencing him to deal with certain individuals saying he is in office to serve the interests of Zambians and not individuals.

He says he does not care whether he will be adopted in 2016 or not, stating that he has put the people of Zambia first in the execution of his duties.

President Lungu says PF members who are not happy with certain individuals in office should stop bickering and meet him head on saying he is protecting the interests of Zambia.

President Lungu said this at State House this morning when he sworn-in Malcolm Mulenga as Deputy Inspector General of Police, Anderson Namachila as Luapula Province Police Commissioner, Auxensio Daka as Muchinga Province Police Commissioner and Stanslous Chewe as Northern Province Police Commissioner.

Others are Ambassodor Shiela Siwela as Senior Private Secretary in the office of the Vice President and Doreen Mwaba as Chief Policy Analyst at State House.