Home Affairs Minister bemoans welfare of police officers


Home Affairs Minister DAVIS MWILA says the welfare of police officers needs immediate improvement.

Mr. MWILA says police officers are facing a number of challenges which need to be addressed urgently so that they can perform their duties effectively.

He says police officers not only have limited operational equipment and transport but also have accommodation challenges.

He said this when he opened a Police commander’s conference in Lusaka.

Mr. MWILA also says police officers need to keep their work stations clean because at the moment most police stations and camps are unkempt.

And Inspector General STELLA LIBONGANI assured the minister that police will fulfill its mission of preventing, detecting crime and enforcing the law fairly in order to create a safe, secure and peaceful environment.


Meanwhile, police last year recorded 77,973 criminal cases countrywide.

Among the major offences recorded were murder, aggravated robbery, rape, defilement and theft of motor vehicles.

Inspector-General of Police, STELLA LIBONGANI however says the 2014 figures represent a reduction in the number of cases recorded in 2013 ,the previous year.

Ms LIBONGANI says in 2013, 88-thousand 3-hundred and 84 criminal cases were recorded.

She has further explained that police also arrested 38,640 offenders in 2014, indicating an increase, compared to 2013 when 36,218 offenders were arrested.

Ms LIBONGANI was speaking today in Lusaka during the Police Commanders Conference.

Meanwhile, Gender Based Violence -GBV cases increased from 14-thousand and 97 in 2013 to 15-thousand 1-hundred and 53 in 2014.

Ms LIBONGANI has also disclosed that defilement cases in 2014 increased to 2,429.