A guest raped at a lodge in Namwala


A woman in her late thirties was  allegedly raped in Namwala central at  a named lodge around 23:00 hours on Monday.


Namwala police confirmed the incidence saying the woman was raped after unidentified man forced his way into the house of the victim and threatened to kill her if she screamed.


The suspect is said to have covered the woman with a blanket and tied her before having sex with her and later fled away with the  victim’s  K200 and a cell phone.


In a related development, Police in Namwala have arrested a named teacher in Namwala District for attempting to rape a female aged 24 years of Chato village in Chief Mukobela’s chiefdom.

The suspected teacher was in the company of four other men on Monday around 04:00 hours when the incident happened.


The suspect together with the other four men stripped the woman naked who was only rescued by neighbours after she shouted for help.


The neighbours managed to nab the suspected teacher and he is currently detained at Namwala police station awaiting trial.


Police have since launched a man hunt for the other four men and have since appealed to women in the district to avoid moving at night unaccompanied.