Sondashi frustrated, disappointed by Government over Sondashi Formula 2000


FORUM for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) president Ludwig Sondashi has appealed to the government to expedite the process of conducting second clinical trials of the Sondashi Formula 2000 (SF2000).
Dr Sondashi, who is the inventor of the SF2000, said it is frustrating and disappointing that Government has delayed to conduct second clinical trials of the SF2000 despite the formula proving that it can cure HIV and AIDS.
He said this in Lusaka yesterday when he submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services on the progress that the country has made in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on health.
“I feel frustrated because Government is not helping in seeing the formula becoming workable.
“This medicine is not mine alone but for every Zambian and it is here to benefit the people. It is, therefore, important that Government comes in so that the clinical trials are done,” Dr Sondashi said.
He said it is sad that the SF2000 is being frustrated because he is an opposition leader.
Dr Sondashi explained that he is only waiting for the second clinical trial to be undertaken before the herbal remedy can be administered to HIV-positive patients.
He is struggling to raise K1 million required to conduct the second clinical trials.
“Government should come in and help me to raise the funds because conducting the second clinical trials is important for this country.
“Let me not be seen as an opposition leader when dealing with this but someone who wants the best for the Zambian people,” Dr Sondashi said.


Daily Mail