President Lungu has turned down 3 international trips – Kalaba


MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba says President Lungu has turned down three invitations of trips abroad since he assumed office last month.
Mr Kalaba said President Lungu has never undertaken an international trip to relax as suggested by his critics.
“President Lungu has undertaken foreign trips after his election solely because of him wanting to raise further the country’s profile abroad,” Mr Kalaba said.
The minister said in an interview that President Lungu’s trips abroad should not be misconstrued as relaxation because he has an obligation to ensure that the people of Zambia are emancipated from poverty.
He said the two trips abroad that President Lungu has made are all justified because he needs to interact with other heads of State both in Africa and worldwide.
Mr Kalaba said it is unfortunate that some people have already started talking about President Lungu’s foreign trips.
He said Zambia needs a lot of multi-lateral interactions so that the country can learn a lot in terms of economic development.
Mr Kalaba also said President Lungu has been invited to address a special session of Angola’s Parliament and also witness the launch of the reconstructed Benguela Railways in that country.
He said President Lungu is a representative of this country and as a result should be exposed abroad for the benefit of the people.
Mr Kalaba said President Lungu will at no time undertake a trip abroad or within the country to relax.
He said President Lungu has many plans to deliver development across the country and in several sectors of the economy.
Mr Kalaba urged Zambians to support President Lungu in his quest to revamp the economy and other areas of development.

Daily Mail