Kabimba emptied PF coffers when he was fired – Chama


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba left the ruling party’s coffers empty when he was fired.

Mr Chama says people should therefore begin to question where Mr Kabimba has suddenly gotten the money to fund his Rainbow party.

Mr. Chama has told QFM News in an interview that after Mr. Kabimba was fired he did not leave any handover notes or leave anything in the party’s account when the party was and is still running the poverty reduction department, research bureau and other companies.

He says Mr. Kabimba has bought vehicles for his party while, he as the current party Secretary General is still paying for a vehicle that Mr. Kabimba purchased when he was Secretary General of the ruling party.

Mr. Chama says there is need for Mr Kabimba to be investigated thoroughly.
But Mr. Kabimba when contacted for a comment, Mr Kabimba who is Rainbow party President says the Patriotic Front should write to him if they have any issues that they need to clarify with him.

He says he has no time for debates with the PF but has time for serious work.


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  1. corporate accounts do not have one signatory…. you are just scared of the man or politicking…..

  2. I think Mr Davies Chama doesn’t know his task ahead, to prepare the party for next elections and not find faults in others. He shouldn’t forget that he is not SG forever. His time will also come. If I were him I would concentrate on mobilising the party structures insteading of attacking others. Is that the legacy he wants to leave that he attacked other people. Such politicking should cease to be. I like issue based politics. What are u as Mr Chama Davies going to do for Pf? Don’t talk about what others have done and not done. You are in that office do what u are supposed to do. Mr Wynter Kabimba has moved on.

  3. How did he do that!!!. Was he a sole signatory to party A/cs? Did he continue accessing Party Accouts even after being fired? Its nt adding up Ba Chama mwe…