Zambian Voice writes to President Lungu over privatization process


The Zambian Voice (ZV) has written to President Edgar Lungu requesting him to setup a commission of inquiry to investigate the privatization process and the recovery of assets through the Task Force on Corruption.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali in a letter to the President dated 2nd February, 2015 made available to QFM News says the commission of inquiries should be setup according to Chapter 41 of the Inquiries Act pf the Law of Zambia.

Mr. Tayali says while privatization was done in national interest to revamp the economy, it brought a lot of suffering among many Zambians who up to now are living in misery.


He says the suffering of the people is not as a result of privatization but due to the selfishness of some of those people who were given the responsibility to manage the process.

Mr Tayali states that while late President Levy Mwanawasa set up a Task Force on Corruption to deal with people that had deprived the Zambian people of their assets, to date, nothing much has come out of the process.

He adds that there is also no transparency on who benefited of the assets recovered in that process.

Mr Tayali says the Zambian people who have suffered unbearable misery as a result of privatization are looking up to President Lungu for justice and accountability.






  1. when you eat cabbage you get less energy compared to how much energy you use chewing the cabbage. so it better not to eat the cabbage and keep the little energy you have. Government must not use money on such things Where the input will automatically not exceed the out put. commission of inquiry in that area will bring no development to Zambia. I think for now His Excellency will not have time for this.