Storm wreaks havoc in Choma


A DOWNPOUR that lasted the whole of Sunday night left some birds which were sleeping in the trees dead and a trail of damage to some buildings in Choma district.
An check in the central business district and some townships found residents fixing roofs blown off or mending roads which were washed away by the storm.
In Kachacha township and Overspill, residents were found digging trenches to avoid further flooding on the gravel roads.
And a check in the town centre found part of the roof to the recently constructed Genesis building, a single storey complex, blown off and windows smashed after a huge tree fell on the structure.
A contractor who was found at the scene trying to mend the structure appealed to the council to consider cutting trees in the central business district that maybe a danger to the public.
“If this tree fell on those electricity power cables a few inches there, God knows the kind of disaster that was going to be here.
“This huge tree has broken the roof and windows here,” Nyambe Simasiku said.
Meanwhile, some youths were seen picking the birds, saying “this is our lunch”.


Zambia Daily Mail