Workers and Peasants Party President congratulates Lungu on Presidential elections


Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika
President – Workers and Peasants Party

I am grateful to be accorded the opportunity to relay my sincere congratulations to Mr. Edgar Lungu on his victory in the by elections.
The Workers and Peasants Party shares he mandate that has been given to Mr. Lungu to demonstrate that he will be an excellent President of Zambia to peacefully guide the nation to the next general elections in 2016, in which the Workers and Peasants Party will prominently be able to participate.

His rise to the highest post in the country demonstrates the approval of Zambians to the fact that he has a compelling vision for the future of the country and that he would be able to practically outline his promised programme to respond to the concrete concerns of the Zambian people. Zambians trust and believe that he has answers to the challenges of achieving a better economic and social situations and, importantly a firm commitment to strengthen the rule of law and tackling the challenges like corruption, street children and the position of workers and peasants in the country. The Workers and Peasants Party trust that the President has the necessary experience and leadership to unite the Zambian Citizens.

Finally I would like to congratulate MMD and its leader, Mr. Nevers Mumba on the party’s conceding statement, and I am hopeful that our party Workers and Peasants Party or other political parties will see similar success in the next general elections.

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika