Chipimo is still in the race – NAREP


The opposition National Restoration Party has dismissed reports that NAREP Leader Elias Chipimo Junior has pulled out of the presidential race following the death of his father.
The NAREP Leader this morning lost his father who was a veteran Politician and former Freedom Fighter.
Mr. Chipimo Senior was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and was admitted to Linksfield Cancer hospital in South Africa.

NAREP Vice President Charles Maboshe has told QFM News in an interview that Mr. Chipimo still remains in the race and is confident of winning the by-election.
Mr. Maboshe states that such reports that Mr. Chipimo has pulled out should not be taken seriously as the NAREP Leader is still in the race.
He says Mr. Chipimo has done his level best in the campaign and cannot give up at the eleventh hour.
He adds that time has come to have a young leader who will take the country forward.




  1. Bekale fye nabena ba Chipimo. Bawiso bali mu COLD iwe ati Vote Chipimo. Fyakulamikonka ifibanda especially that he was snr and u’re the jnr.