Villagers associate voter education with satanism


Villagers associate voter education with satanism

Kalabo, January 16, 2015, ZANIS……Some villagers where the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) conducted the just ended voter education exercise feared to participate as they connected it to satanism.

This came to light when ZANIS in Kalabo visited the area to check the results of the program on Tuesday this week.

Some villagers refused to fill in some of the forms which were a requirement by ECZ that people in attendance as they alleged that the exercise was connected to satanism despite massive publicity about the program.

The villagers alleged that if one appended their signature on the data entry forms then they would be initiated into satanism.

Some of the affected places included Mapungu and Kuuli wards which has 2,159 and 1,623 registered voters respectively.

According to the ECZ program, the Voter Education Facilitators officially ended the Voter Education exercise this week on Tuesday, 14th of January.