PF cadres urged to embrace MMD members


PF cadres urged to embrace MMD members

Kawambwa, January 13, 2015, ZANIS—Kawambwa Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson Angela Sichone has called on party members to accommodate opposition MMD supporters ..

She said the PF members should accommodate their colleagues from the opposition MMD because they were supporting the ruling party’s Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu in the January 20, 2015 Presidential election.

Mrs Sichone made the call at the Kawambwa Public square at the weekend before PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu arrived in the area to hold a rally.

She explained that although the MMD cadres were clad in their party regalia such as chitenges and head gear they should not be harassed and chased but instead be allowed to attend the meeting because they were supporting Mr Lungu in the forthcoming Presidential by-election.


Mrs Sichone said even former MMD President Rupiah Banda was behind Mr Lungu hence the MMD cadres in the area should not chased from PF meetings as they are also supporting the ruling party.

However, some PF members were seen trying to harass and chase the MMD cares that were clad in their regalia from the Public Square where they came to attend the rally addressed by Mr Lungu.