— Observe fish ban – Mulenga

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Observe fish ban –  Mulenga

Mansa, January 14, 2015,  ZANIS —-  Luapula Province Police Commissioner Malcolm Mulenga has advised fishermen in the Province to observe the ongoing fish- ban.


Mr. Mulenga says warned Fishermen against defying the fish ban and to desist from straying into Congolese territorial waters to fish.


He said this following the arrest of four fishermen of Chief Lukwesa’s Chiefdom in Mwense District by Congolese Marine Soldiers on Monday.


ZANIS reports that the Police Commissioner who said this in a telephone interview  in Mansa District today that the fishermen  were putting their lives on risk if continue straying into the DRC water to fish.


The Congolese soldiers  recently arrested Dickson Bwalya 30, John Chansa 31 of Chilolo Village, Joseph Miyambo 29 and Albert Chola of Chiwasha Village for fishing in Congo DR waters.


The quartet have since been released after paying a fine of K700 at Kapala Village.


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