Choompa youth project helps reduce crime in Pemba

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More than 20 youths in Pemba district of Southern Province have so far benefited from the K70, 000 youth small grants under the Choompa youth project.

The K70, 000 youth grant was given to the Choompa youth project by the American government through the US Embassy in Lusaka last year.

Choompa Youth Project Assistant Manager Atewell Hamuule has disclosed the development in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr. Hamuule said the funds have helped to reduce poverty levels among the households in the district since most of young people were unemployed.

He explained that the project was meant to improve agricultural activities in the area and enable young people to become self-sustainable and contribute to the country’s food basket.

The people are rearing cattle for milk and labour.

He added that the Choompa Youth Project has also helped reduce crime levels in the district because many youths were now busy engaging themselves in income generating activities.

Mr. Hamuule further said the project has helped the youth to desist from engaging in illicit activities such as beer drinking and sex.

He has since urged young people in the district to take advantage of his organisation and work towards contributing to the nation development effectively.