Kasasma Council intensifies night patrols in bars

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Kasama Municipal Council Public Relations Officer Joseph Kapambwe says the council has intensified night patrols in bars in the district.


He said Kapambwe He said most bars and night clubs in the district are operating after 22:00 hours without licenses.


The public relations officer said this in an interview with ZANIS today.


He revealed that most bar owners are tolerating underage drinking especially boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 16 years.


He said most of the children were found in illegal bars in Lualuo area that sell an illegal brand of alcohol locally known as ‘Kachasu’.


Mr. Kapambwe said the bars that were found wanting have been closed and will only open after payment of a penalty fee.


Mr. Kapambwe further warned all bar owners that the council will not be lenient to any offenders as the law will take course.


He urged the bar owners to cooperate with the council and follow the laid down laws and regulations.



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