Military personnel get kudos

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Northern Province permanent secretary Hlobotha Nkunika has hailed military officers for helping in maintaining peace in the nation.

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Mr.Nkunika was speaking last evening when he graced the Zambia Army Annual ball held in Kasama.

He appealed to the men and women in uniform not to involve themselves in active politics but to maintain their loyalty to the government of the day.

He said military officers had a duty to uphold the constitution of the republic.

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Mr. Nkunika also called on officers to take advantage of educational programmes aimed at upgrading themselves.

He advised officers to desist from Gender based violence and warned against the dangers of HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Nkunika said government was committed to ensure that it continues with the infrastructure programme embarked upon by the late president.

During the same function, Zambia Army deputy regional commander Colonel Mutale Chilangwa said the Annual ball was a time to reflect on the successes and failures of 2014.

He said Zambia Army will continue to be professional and show loyalty to the government of the day.

Col. Chilangwa commended the Zambia Army command for helping in settling some outstanding bills owed to various utility companies promptly.

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