— Thirteen year old impregnated by a sixteen year old in Kaputa District

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  A Priest in Charge at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Leonard Kalyoti  has expressed his shock after discovering that a thirteen year old girl has allegedly been impregnated by a sixteen year old boy Kapepula village in Kaputa district .

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Father Kalyoti expressed his shock during his church visitation programme
in the area.

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He said there is need for the girl to be counselled adding that she might have serious complication during delivery.

He noted that the girl is too young to be impregnated adding that special care should be given to her during this time until delivery.

He explained that he has talked to the girl’s parents not to allow the girl to be married as she is too young for that.

He observed that the girl might fail to look after the child properly as she has not developed both physically and emotional.

ZANIS reports that Fr. Kalyoti who is also Chairperson for Faith Based Organizations in
Kaputa District revealed this in an interview in Kaputa District today.


He said that the church will continue giving guidance to the girl and the parents during this time.

The thirteen year old girl of Kapepula village in Kaputa district was allegedly impregnated by a fellow teenager aged 16 years.


The grade five  girl child at Kapepula Primary School in Kaputa was allegedly impregnated by a 16 year old boy who is expected to go to grade eight.


Meanwhile, Fr. Kalyoti has noted that luck of recreational activities in the district has continued to have a negative effect on the lives of the young people.

He said there are no recreational activities in the district which has forced youths to engage in sexual activities for leisure time.

He said the church has a big role to play in fighting youth involvement in casual sex through revival of the youth ministry.

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