Uncle dragged to court for insults

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A TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD woman of Ndola has dragged his uncle to court for insulting her and accusing her mother of practising witchcraft.
Mable Dezemona of Nkwazi township said her uncle Richard Micheli, 33, of Lubuto Township in Ndola showered insults on her without any reason.
This was a case in which Dezemona sued Micheli and asked the local court to compel him pay in compensation for the insults and defamation of character of her mother.
Dezemona told Ndola Main Local Court Presiding Magistrate Oscar Kalaba who was sitting with magistrates Rosemary Muke and Dismus Katampi that her uncle should pay for the isults and allegedly defaming his sister.
She narrated that on November 17 this year, Micheli went to her house and insulted her and that in the process told her that her mother was a witch who was behind the sickness of his elder brother.
However, in his defence, Micheli denied ever insulting Dezemona although admitted having told her that her mother was practicing witchcraft because he had evidence.
He claimed that Dezemona’s mother, who was his sister, was practising witchcraft and that he had evidence to prove his allegations.
“I escorted her to Luapula Province and Malawi to see witchdoctors who gave her charms for acquiring wealth, she has built a lot of houses because of the same charms,” he said.
Magistrate Kalaba, however, dismissed the case and reconciled the two.
“The court cannot ask Micheli to compensate her for the insults. You are of the same family and the best we can do as a court not to divide you but to counsel you and reconcile you,” he said.


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