Mumba promise to complete Sata’s projects in Mchinga

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–Embattled Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) president, Nevers Mumba, has promised to finish all the projects and programmes that late republican President, Michael Sata, left if voted into power on January 20, 2015 during the presidential by –election.


Addressing a rally in Chinsali this afternoon, Dr Mumba said he was making a public announcement that projects such as the two universities, roads and many others the late President Sata had embarked on in the province will be completed if only he is voted into office.


Dr Mumba said he was hopeful that people of Chinsali will vote for him during the January 20, 2015 Presidential by-election because it will not be their first time to do so.


In an apparent reference to Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Dr Mumba said people of Chinsali should vote for their own son from Bulimbo Village in Lubwa area during the presidential by-election.


And Dr Mumba said he did not come to Chinsali to launch his national campaign for the forthcoming presidential by – election slated for January 20, 2015 but to tell the people of Chinsali that the MMD has one party president in the name of Dr Mumba and one party constitution.


Dr Mumba also said people of Zambia rejected the MMD in 2011 and the party was abandoned and labelled as corrupt with people of no integrity and that when he took over he had to rebrand it and make it perfect.


He said no one can remove him from the party that he laboured so much to make it what it is today, adding that the MMD can only win the forth coming presidential by-election with him as its candidate.


Speaking at the same meeting, National Youth Chairman, Howard Kunda, called on the youths not to be used for violence but to vote for credible leaders who will look into their interests.


Dr Mumba, who arrived in Chinsali this morning aboard a chartered 8-seater aircraft, is accompanied by party national treasure, Mwansa Mbulakulima, National Youth Chairman, Howard Kunda, chairperson for culture chairperson, Elizabeth Chitika and national trustee Peter Machungwa.


He was received on arrival at the air strip by Muchinga chairperson, Jonas Bowa and his Northern Province counterpart, Stephen Mukuka among several other senior party officials.


The MMD recently announced the suspension of party president, Nevers Mumba, for alleged gross indiscipline.

The party also announced the adoption of former republican President, Rupiah Banda, as its preferred candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-election scheduled for January 20, 2015.


But Dr Mumba, who has since sought a court injunction, insists that he is rightful candidate to contest the election on MMD ticket.


The other camp of the opposition MMD has since nominated former president Rupiah Banda to stand on its ticket.


The opposition political party in Muchinga has declared to support Dr Mumba as the preferred candidate for the party in the forthcoming presidential by–election.