Heavy storm leaves 300 pupils stranded

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Heavy storm leaves 300 pupils stranded

Kalabo, November 28, 2014, ZANIS…………… At least 300 pupils at Lumei primary school in Kalabo district have been forced to share a one by two classroom block following a heavy storm that blew-off the roof of three classrooms.

ZANIS in Kalabo reports that incident happened on Monday this week .

Acting School Head Teacher Ellen Kakundu confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kalabo today.

Ms Kakundu explained that the learning environment at the school has been as the 300 pupils  from different grades  are now forced to share a one by two classroom block posing a serious health concern.

She appealed to the Ministry of Education to assist the school with roofing sheets so that some of the pupils could use the blown off facility to enhance quality learning.

The School Head also complained about lack of transport making travelling very expensive as one had to hire an ox cart at K500 to get to the Boma area which is over 50 kilometers in  an event that  a pupil was sick.

She further disclosed that inadequate teaching staff also forced some pupils to drop out of school to help their parents in cultivating rice so that they could raise money for food and other necessities.

Ms Kakungu also appealed to government to send more teachers to the school adding that currently it  only had four teachers to cater for all the classes from grade one to grade nine.