2)–Social welfare intensifies beneficiary screening

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Social welfare intensifies beneficiary screening


Lukulu, November 25, 2014, ZANIS — Lukulu district social welfare officer Namakau Kashina says the department will continue carrying out investigations to ensure that only eligible people benefit from the social cash transfer scheme.


Ms Kashina said this will be done because the department had received reports that people who are fit to work have been put on the program.


She explained that the program is meant for those unfit to work due to illness including the disabled , child headed households and those who have no means of accessing capital for business.


Ms. Kashina has since appealed to community welfare assistant committees in the district to thoroughly scrutinize the applicants as the department depended on them for correct information. 


ZANIS reports that Ms Kashina said this during a verification meeting on the social cash transfer scheme for Lubosi community.


She pointed out that the program would be rolled out in all parts of the district adding that there was therefore no cause for worry by those eligible.


Meanwhile, Ms Kashina disclosed that despite the challenges some beneficiaries have managed to come up with income generating activities.


And at the same meeting the District Commissioner Precious Muyenga urged community members to give chance to the elderly and the chronically ill to be put on the program first as they were the most needy in society.


Ms. Muyenga has assured the public that those fit to work will benefit from other government projects which have been put in place in order to uplift the livelihood of the people.


Currently there about 7, 775 beneficiaries on the social cash transfer scheme since it was rolled out in the district last year.