GBM’s parentage – STATEMENT

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM in Kasama
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM in Kasama
Hello friends,

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It has come to my attention that there are certain sections of the media that have made, or are making certain allegations on my parentage. I wish to state for the record, that I am fully Zambian by birth and decent. Both my parents were Zambians (by then Northern Rhodesia) by birth and descent.

My father was Muma Mwamba who later became Chief Munkonge in Kasama. My mother Grace Chileshe was born in 1929 in Lubansenshi, Munkonge area of Kasama District. Her National Registration card number is 100004/71/1, issued in Livingstone in 1966, where my father was working as a civil servant.

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I hope this clarification puts this issue of my parentage to bed. I also wish to urge our journalists to carry out investigative reporting and not to base their reporting on hearsay and innuendos.

I welcome those with any evidence to contradict this clarification to provide it. This information is readily available at the National Registration office in Livingstone and Chief Munkonge’s area in Kasama. I also wish to urge you, to kindly report facts and not conjecture and speculations that are only tailored for short sighted desired outcomes.

I, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba therefore, do qualify as per Republic of Zambia constitution of 1996 to be a candidate for president of the Republic of Zambia as stipulated in Article 34 (3) (b) of the constitution.

I am now off to represent the lovely people of Kasama Central in Parliament.

Good day all and God bless.

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