Upgrading of pedicle road on course

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Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga says upgrading of the Pedicle road to bituminous standard will be completed by October 31, 2015.


Mr Mukanga told Parliament today that the construction works are behind schedule as they were supposed to be completed by December this year.


He was responding to a question raised by Kaputa MP Maxas  Ng’onga who wanted to find out why the tarrying of the Pedicle Road from Mokambo to Mwanawasa Bridge has been delayed.


Mr Mukanga said one of the major challenges that resulted in stalling of works is the sourcing of materials from the neighbouring democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


He said the DRC adjusted their closing time of the border area which resulted in less hours of work by the contractor.


Mr Mukaga said the crusher the contractor was using was repossessed by KCM has also contributed resulting in a delay of about three months of works.


The minister however said the crusher has since been returned and the contractor is committed to complete the works as scheduled despite the challenges being faced.