PF’s recipe for fragmentation – Ng’oma

Lubinda, Edgar Lungu , GBM in SOlwezi
Lubinda, Edgar Lungu , GBM in SOlwezi

Political analyst Alex Ng’oma says the number of presidential aspirants in the Patriotic Front is recipe for fragmentation.

Dr Ngóma has told QFM News in an interview that while it is the right of every Zambian to aspire for public office, there is need for politicians to think through their decisions before taking the step.

Dr Ngóma explains that the presidency is a higher office where serious personalities should be considered and not every Jim and jack.

He has also stressed that there has never been strength in a weak institution hence the need for the Patriotic Front to dialogue and choose a person who will ably represent the party in the forthcoming election.

Dr Ng’oma states that the turn of events in the ruling Patriotic Front is a clear recipe for fragmentation.

About eight PF members have expressed interest to stand on the party ticket in the presidential election slated for 20th January 2015.

These include Geoffrey Mwamba, Given Lubinda,Chishimba Kambwili,Bob Sichinga,Edgar Lungu,Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata and Captain Seleman Phangula Banda.