UNZA Ruins - Credit UNZA Network
UNZA Ruins - Credit UNZA Network

Management wishes to send a message of its deepest concern with regard to the student unrest over the past three days at the Great East Road Campus of the University. Please be advised that there are established channels or ways of resolving matters of any kind rather than resorting to riotous behavior and taking to the streets.

You may wish to know that out of the current total number of more than 24,000 students at the University of Zambia (i.e. including distance and postgraduate students), there are more self-sponsored students than those on Government bursary. As you may realize, this is hard earned money that the parents and guardians are sacrificing to further their children’s education. Thus any disruption to academic activities is not only unfair, but costly and completely unacceptable. Those students who are on GRZ-sponsorship should consider themselves privileged, and therefore University Management finds it unacceptable that the same students should be in the forefront to instigate riots in the name of increased meal allowances and other demands associated with the same. We wish to reiterate that students should use more civilized ways of making their demands rather than resorting to disruption of academic activities through riotous behaviour.

Please be warned and reminded that according to the General Rules and Regulations for students (approved in June 2008), the verdict for riotous behaviour is INSTANT DISMISSAL. Further, if the learning environment keeps deteriorating, Senate has the option of closing the institution altogether, with extremely serious consequences. Management therefore wishes to appeal to you individually and severally to refrain from any riotous behaviour which inevitably leads to damage of University and Public property as well as possible loss of life.

Professor EnalaTembo-Mwase

Cc: Chairperson, University Council
Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor
Dean of Students
Acting Public Relations Manager
Chief Security Officer