Chibombo Council procures earth moving equipment

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Chibombo Council procures earth moving equipment


Chibombo District Council has bought earthmoving equipment in order to improve the road network in the district.


Deputy Council Secretary Costa Mutandi said the machines include a Smooth Compactor worth K400, 000 and a Grader costing K850, 000.


Mr Mutandi told ZANIS in an interview that the two pieces of machines have been purchased using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).


He said the Smooth Compactor has been bought for Katuba constituency while the Grader is for Keembe constituency.


He said the machines are expected to be delivered in the district this month end by a company called Property Masters Zambia Limited.


Mr Mutandi said the earthmoving equipment will greatly help the council to work on the feeder roads in the district.


He said the council has prioritized working on the feeder roads because the district is a farming community which requires a good road network for easy transportation of the farm inputs.


Mr Mutandi said working on the feeder roads will also make it easier for farmers to access the market to sell their farm produce.


Meanwhile, Mr Mutandi said the council has worked on 25 foot bridges in the district which usually experience floods during the rainy season.


He cited Mbosha, Lubinga and Kanwanjiba as some of the most important bridges in the district that have been worked on using CDF.


Mr Mutandi said other bridges have been worked on through the Community Access Improvement Program (CAIP).