Hubby beats wife naked in public with electric cable

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A WOMAN  who could no longer endure violence at the hands of her husband said he is so abusive that one day without realising,  he stumbled out of their bedroom with only an underwear to beat her in the presence of her sister.
Noriah Kabwe said while she would be naked, her husband would sometimes whip her with an electric cable in the presence of onlookers.
But her husband Justin Zimba said Kabwe openly displays her infidelity citing how she one day walked in a bar he drinks from with her lover after which they started kissing.
Kabwe, 25, of Garden Township was testifying at the Boma Court before Justice Prudence Mulenga in a case where she dragged Zimba, 30, also of Garden Township to court for divorce.
She said all was well when they got married in 2005 until after she had a child in 2006.
Kabwe said Zimba became violent, beating her and whipping her with an electric cable.
“One day while I was naked, he whipped me in the presence of on lookers. Another time, he walked out of our bedroom with just an underwear to beat me in the presence of my sister,” she lamented.
Kabwe also said Zimba started having an affair with a woman called Martha adding that when she asked him about it, he beat her up.
Thereafter, Zimba went to her grandmother to tell her he didn’t want her anymore, Kabwe said.
“He wrote a letter with the heading ‘Justin divorce-Yes’ and then he asked my grandmother and I to sign it but we refused,” she said.
Kabwe said because he was not supporting his children, she sued him for child maintenance.
And when asked by the court why he was unfaithful, he said he did not want her anymore.
And in his statement, Zimba said Kabwe could not be trusted adding that when he took over from his wife, a newspaper vending business they were running, a man approached him asking for her.
“He told me he was looking for Kabwe who was his girlfriend, not knowing she is my wife,” he said.
Another time he said, Kabwe slept out of their home on three different occasions claiming she was spending those nights at funerals which was a lie.
Zimba said when the two went on separation; he went to a bar where Kabwe walked in with a man who started kissing her.
He said when she sued for marriage reconciliation; he refused because of her behaviour.
Passing judgment, Justice Mulenga granted divorce and ordered Zimba to compensate Kabwe with a fine of K3,000.


Zambia Daily Mail