Jubilee celebrations: Mwaliteta urges unity

Ovious Mwaliteta in Mangango, August 2014
Ovious Mwaliteta in Mangango, August 2014

CENTRAL Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta has called for unity of purpose among citizens to drive the country’s development.
Mr Mwaliteta said it was important for people to reason and put gender, political and religious differences aside to genuinely come together for the common good as the country commemorates its 50th independence celebrations.

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Speaking during a jubilee night dinner in Kabwe organised by the provincial administration, Mr Mwaliteta said he was happy that this year there had been a close working relationship between Government and other stakeholders in the province.
Mr Mwaliteta said as the country celebrates 50 years of independence, it was important for people  in Central Province to take pride in the province knowing that it holds some of the country’s amazing history and heritage.
He said among them is the fact that the very first mine to have opened in Zambia was in Kabwe District, then known as Broken Hill.
Mr Mwaliteta added that the struggle for the country’s independence cannot be written without the mention of the Mulungushi Rock of Authority between Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi districts which provided sanctuary to freedom fighters.

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He said as the country celebrates its golden jubilee in October, the province had lined up a number of activities to highlight the significance of the commemorations.
Mr Mwaliteta said the funds raised during the fundraising dinner would go towards the Golden Jubilee celebration activities to be held prior and on the October 24th.


Times of Zambia

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