Fr Bwalya sees nothing wrong with RB standing as President

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

Opposition Alliance for Better Zambia President, Frank Bwalya says there will be nothing wrong or unconstitutional if former republican President Rupiah Banda decides to run for President again.
Father Bwalya says Mr. Banda who has retired from active politics will have to however, forgo his benefits if he decides to return to active politics.

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Father has told Qfm News that though he is neither encouraging nor discouraging Mr. Banda to make a political comeback, his party will respect Mr. Banda’s decision if he decides to return to active politics.

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He says the former President still has the constitutional right to participate in the politics of the country, but that it will be up to the Zambian people to decide whether to vote him back into office if he decided vie for the presidency again or not.

And Father Bwalya says the participation of young people in the country politics does not hinge on the older generation to giving way.

He says young people should not think that they can only participate in politics when the older generation steps aside.


Fr Bwalya gives an example of himself as one of the young politicians who is participating in the country’s politics despite the presence of the older generation on the political scene.
( Thursday 11th September 2014 )



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