— No politics at Kulamba Traditional ceremony – Kalonga Gawa Undi’s Induna

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–Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi’s Induna Joseph Chikuta has warned that no politics will be allowed during this year’s Kulamba tradition ceremony.




And  Katete District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda Kaisa says government has put up a 60,000 litre borehole at Mkaika to boost water supply.

Induna Chikuta says the Kulamba tradition ceremony is meant to enhance and consolidate the traditional values of the Chewa people of Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, respectively.



He revealed that preparations are going on and that people should expect a more funny packed ceremony this year.


ZANIS reports that the Induna said this in an interview at Mkaika Headquarters in Katete District, today.


He however emphasized that those wishing to come in political party attire will not be allowed to be within the perimeters of four kilometres to the main arena.



He explained that the Chewa people are a group of people who have a variety of political affiliations which should not tore them apart.



Induna Chikuta has also called upon companies supplying and selling beer during the traditional ceremony not to supply huge quantities to avoid the abuse of alcohol by some people attending the ceremony.



He has however stressed that people should not use the tradition ceremony as a way of abusing drugs and alcohol but take it as a serious and good opportunity to learn about the history of the Chewa people and Zambia as a country.  



He observed that such illicit activities have the potential to destroy the essence of the tradition ceremony itself.



Induna Chikuta said through the seven Kulamba tradition ceremony working committees stringent security measures have been put in place to ensure that security is guaranteed to everyone attending the ceremony.



He has however called on the Zambia police to offer more security during the ceremony so that law and order can be observed.



 He added that people coming for the traditional ceremony this year should expect a more fun as the ceremony will be graced with spectacular dances from the Lomwe people of Malawi, a variety of Gule Wa mkulu from Mozambique among other dances.



Induna Chikuta has also expressed concern at the rate at which the country is losing its culture and tradition practices.



He noted that it is during forums like traditional ceremonies where enhancing and consolidation of the culture and traditional practices should be emphasized as the gist of the ceremony.



Meanwhile Katete District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda Kaisa says government has put up a 60,000 borehole at Mkaika to boost water supply.



The district Commissioner explained that the borehole has been sunk by the department of infrastructure under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.



He said in order to easy the movement of people during the Kulamba traditional ceremony government had this year gravelled the road leading to the Mkaika main arena.



Colonel Kaisa noted that government regards the traditional ceremony as one with social and economic benefits.



He explained that during this week leading to the main day of the ceremony on Saturday the district records good business returns.



He cited the hospitality industry among others as one that records high profits.

The Kulamba tradition ceremony will be held on 30th August this year, at Mkaika in Katete district.