Namwala DC hails Zambians for being peaceful in last 50 years


Namwala District Commissioner Gevar Nsanzya says Zambia has continued to enjoy peace 50 years after independence and as a result churches have continued to grow.


Mr Nsanzya said churches have continued to make an impact in the community in many ways.


The DC was speaking in Namwala today at the district golden jubilee celebrations for United Church of Zambia (UCZ) St Matthews congregation.


Mr Nsanzya said the UCZ remains to be among gallant churches that has been growing steadily over the years.


The District Commissioner noted that the UCZ has continued to work hand in hand with government in various community projects.

He said the church is making strategic decisions in its quest of improving the lives of people in society.


Mr Nsanzya has since urged Christians to do more and collectivelyregardless of denomination or affiliation and bring men and women to Christ in order to transform lives.


He said the community in Namwala also needs to engage itself in vigorous planning sessions in order to foster unity of purposel.


The jubilee celebrations were characterised by a march past led by the Itezhi -tezh UCZ Boys Brigade Band followed by various performances by different UCZ choirs.