Muhabi dismisses Bowman Lusambo’s position, Die Hard youth wing coordinator

MMD Die Hard Youth Wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die Hard Youth Wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu has reiterated the need for media houses in the country to be mindful that the former ruling party does not have a Die Hard Youth Wing which Bowman Lusambo is usually quoted as its national coordinator.

In a letter to all media Houses dated August 22, 2014,and made available to Qfm news today, Mr. Lungu says whereas Mr. Lusambo may be member of the MMD, he does not have a position worth being quoted as a bonafide leader in the ranks of the former ruling party.

Mr. Lungu states that this means that any coverage of Mr. Lusambo’s statement must be attributed either into his personal capacity or any other lawful organization he belongs to.

He notes that the current Youth and Development chairperson in the MMD is Howard Kunda who is also Muchinga Member of Parliament.

The MMD National Secretary has stressed that it will thus be in the best interest of professional journalism for media houses in the country to follow his party’s advice on the issue of Mr. Lusambo.

He says if however some media houses continue quoting Mr. Lusambo as MMD Die Hard Youth Wing national coordinator, it will have the potential to create confusion and offend MMD members and party sympathizers.
( Saturday 23rd August 2014 )

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