Traders continue rejecting coins

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Traders continue rejecting coins


Kitwe, Aug 21, 2014, ZANIS…Traders in Kitwe have continued rejecting small coins from buyers saying they are an inconvenience.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kitwe today, Charity Mulenga said the traders were rejecting the small coins because manufactures and wholesalers were also rejecting them.


Ms Mulenga said the traders were rejecting the 5 ngwee and 10 ngwee coins because they take a lot of time to count and that they easily get lost.


And another Trader Loveness Nkhoma called for the scrapping of the 5ngwe and the 10 ngwee coins from circulation because they cannot buy anything on the market


Ms Nkhoma also confirmed that the traders are rejecting the two coins because they feel they can be attacked to move around with so many coins as thieves would think they are carrying a lot of money.


Meanwhile , an economist has called on government to put up measures that will compel traders and wholesalers to accept the coins since they are a legal tender.


Cosmas Phiri, a lecture at the Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe however, noted that the use of coins was cumbersome to traders as the weight of the coins becomes a burden to them.


Recently a debate has been raging on the use of coins among members of the public especially traders in rural areas.