Malaria number one disease in Mkushi


Malaria number one disease in Mkushi

Mkushi, Aug 13, 2014, ZANIS–Malaria has continued to be ranked as the top most disease recorded in Mkushi district.

Mkushi District Medical Officer Friday Kaunga confirmed to ZANIS today that Malaria incidences in the district have continued to escalate over the past 20 months.

He said that Malaria the incidence rate ranked ahead of respiratory infections, diahorrea related diseases and accident related injuries in the latest update.

He disclosed that the District Health team had put up measures to control the escalating malaria pattern through distribution of Insectide Treated Nets (ITN) and Indoor Residue Spray (IRS).

Dr. Kaunga explained that these measures would be administered through mass distribution while others such as Intermittent Prevention Treatment (IPT) would be applied on expectant mothers.

He further stated that the interventions to be effected next month are aimed at achieving a Malaria free environment adding that Mkushi currently ranked second highest in malaria incidences in the Central province.