CHIEF Liteta of the Lenje speaking people of Chibombo District has been dragged to court by two of his subjects who have accused him of threatening violence.
The two subjects allege that the chief threatened to shoot them with a gun.
Charles Mulando, 70, who is Chief Liteta is facing two counts of threatening violence is on December 24, 2013. He is alleged to have threatened violence against George Kaswende in the first count.
The chief is alleged to have said “I will shoot you.”
In the second count, the chief is alleged to have threatened violence against Joyce Chinkuli.
He has pleaded not guilty on both counts.
However, when Chief Liteta appeared before Kabwe Magistrate Maxwell Shibwanga during hearing of the matter  which was held in chambers on Friday last week, the accused applied  to the court through his lawyer  from Sunday Nkonde and  legal  practitioners for an adjournment and proposed that the two  parties reconcile.
Mr Shibwanga reserved ruling on the application and adjourned the matter to next month.
In his sworn affidavit, Mr Kaswende said he feared for his life after the accused pointed a firearm at him at close range.
Earlier, Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya-speaking people of Kazungula District  arrived  in his Limousine accompanied by his subjects  to give solidarity to his fellow chief.
Chief Mukuni’s appearance caused commotion at the court after several onlookers surrounded the Limousine with a view of having a closer glimpse at it.


Times of Zambia