— Kitwe brothers committed to High Court for Trial

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Kitwe brothers committed to High Court for Trial

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Kitwe , July 2nd, 2014, ZANIS —- The two Kitwe brothers who allegedly murdered their mother and grievously injured their father have been committed to Kitwe high court for trial.


Kitwe magistrate Kampinda Chipamu committed Emmanuel Katongo Junior and his 18-year-old brother to the High Court in connection with two counts involving murder and causing grievous bodily harm contrary to the laws of Zambia.


Ms Chipamu said she was committing the case to the High Court as the state had received the long awaited committal of the case to the High Court as the matter is supposed to be tried at the High Court.


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In count one, the duo were charged with murder involving their mother Ethel Katongo while in the second count, they were charged for causing grievous bodily harm to their father, Emmanuel Katongo.


The two brothers allegedly committed both offences on April 26, this year.


The two brothers were arrested on April 27 this year in connection with the brutal murder of their mother, Katongo, who until her death, a deputy head teacher at Ishuko Primary School in Kitwe.



Ms Katongo was brutally murdered while her husband seriously wounded at their residence in Mukuba-Natwange residential area.

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