As NAREP in Kabwata representing the general public, we want to express our deepest disappointment in the manner and approach in which Constituency Development Fund has been utilized here in Kabwata constituency.
Honourable Lubinda and the PF councillors have not been engaging the public and the community on how the fund should be utilized. They have taken a wrong approach in dealing with issues affecting Kabwata constituency. We feel there is no transparency in the way the fund has been used. Uncollected garbage, unsanitary conditions in the markets, ungraded roads, dilapidated and undeveloped social amenities and the unprecedented increase of bars/pubs and illicit social events are the order of the day.
We are calling upon the office of the Auditor General to do a re-audit and give us a publication of a report of how constituency development fund has been disbursed and utilized by the PF and its councillors here in Kabwata.
When NAREP takes over Kabwata constituency from the Patriotic Front government and Honorable Lubinda in particular, we pledge to be involving the general public by calling them to public discussion forums in all the five wards to discuss the problems affecting our constituency. In these forums the general public will be able to address their concerns and offer solutions on how they feel the CDF should be utilized. We will gather solutions and come up with a report on were the funds will be applied. And we wish every MP to employ this style of dealing with community problems.
We also call upon the PF government through the ministry of Local Government and Housing to dissolve the Local Government Service Commission as this is against the policy of decentralization and devolution of power. The PF party when in opposition was against the establishment of this commission, sadly they have now embraced it.
We also urge the general public to take keen and personal interest in the way constituencies are run.

Thank you and God bless Zambia.

Zuwa Sinkamba
Kabwata Constituency Chairman
National Restoration Party (NAREP)
26June 2014


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