— Govt. expresses concern with increased road blocks

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—–Government has expressed concern with the increased number of traffic road blocks mounted on the major roads in the country.

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Home Affairs deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo expressed concern when responding to a question raised by Kabwe Central PF area member of parliament James Kapyanga who wanted to know whether the increased number of police road blocks does not inhibit the development of tourism in the country.

Mr Kampyongo disclosed to the house that the ministry of Home Affairs has since reported to the police command concerning the increased numbers of traffic check points.

However the deputy minister said there is need to reduce on the number of traffic road blocks being mounted on the major roads.

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He explained to the house that traffic roadblocks are aimed at enforcing traffic safety rules so as to enhance road safety.

And Ikelengi Constituency MMD area Member of Parliament Elijah Muchima asked the ministry of Home Affairs whether the increased number of road traffic check points has  contributed to reduced man power in most of the police station.

Mr Muchima wondered why the traffic department has become attractive to police officers as compared to other departments within the service.

In response Home Affairs deputy minister Mr Kampyongo said Zambia was a landlocked country enhance the increased road blocks so as to enhance security of the country and tourists.

He further explained that complaints raised by the motorists have been reported to the police command

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