Pastors urges churches to stop discriminating against HIV positive members


Bible Society of Zambia General Secretary, Evaristo Mambwe, has urged pastors in churches to stop discriminating against HIV positive members, saying it is not a curse from God.
And Pastor Mambwe has advised pastors to encourage members to take Anti -Retro Viral (ARVs) drugs.
Pastor Mambwe was speaking at a Pastors’ Fellowship Meeting in Kasama today.
He said pastors in Zambia should encourage members to take anti-retro viral medication and get professional advice from the hospital.
Pastor Mambwe advised his fellow men of God to be influential in curbing the HIV/AIDS pandemic
by preaching the truth.
The General Secretary said pastors should reach out to people and assist society to desist from immorality.
He further advised pastors to support the government in its efforts in improving the living standards of citizens.
Pastor Mambwe said men of God should unite and celebrate Zambia’s 50 years of independence and peace regardless of their political affiliation.
And Founder President of the Global Church Ministries, Richard Mulenga, urged his fellow pastors to love one another.
Pastor Mulenga said men of God should carry the light and lead by example in making Kasama a morally upright society.
He encouraged the pastors to work together in unity, support one another and desist from politics.