Sexual reproduction information is still lacking in most schools


And the Zambia national women’s lobby says sexual reproduction information is still lacking in most schools in the country which is putting girls at risk of falling pregnant.

Organization board chairperson, Beauty Katebe, stated that there is need to provide pupils with concrete sexual reproduction information to address these cases of pregnancies.

Ms Katebe explained that pupils come from different backgrounds with divergent views and thus the need to empower them with information on how best they can look after themselves while in schools.

She noted that if pupils are given sexual reproduction information, they will be able to understand and know that unprotected sex is risky for them.

Ms Katebe added that the immorality going on in schools is unfortunate and thus the need to rise and save the children from the embarrassment.

The Zambia national women’s lobby chairperson was reacting to a story of over thirty pupils at Kaoma High School in Western province who have gone on maternity leave in the first term of this year alone.

Radio Mano



  1. The title would read better as ‘Sexual Reproductive Information’ not ‘Reproduction Information’.