Female students in alleged Victoria Falls suicide jump after failing exams

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

A 23-YEAR-OLD woman of Livingstone’s Dambwa North has allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Victoria Falls after allegedly failing examinations and dropping out of two colleges.

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Southern Province deputy commissioner of Police Milner Muyambango confirmed yesterday that the incident happened on Friday.
Mr Muyambango identified the deceased as Carol Kanyembo of house number 172.
He said Ms Kanyembo allegedly sent text messages to her close friends a few days before she allegedly committed suicide, which read that she would take her life because   she was a disappointment to her parents.
Mr Muyambango said Ms Kanyembo was last seen at the Victoria Falls on Friday around 18:00 hours.
“It is believed that Carol threw herself into the Victoria Falls.
“Suicide suspicion arises from the fact that the young lady had earlier written some SMS to various friends where she was indicating that she would take her life because she feels that she is a disappointment to her parents who have tried their best to ensure that she progresses in school but to no avail,” he said.
Mr Muyambango said Ms Kanyembo’s parents are reported to have been paying for her tuition fees at a tertiary institution in Botswana but that she failed examinations and dropped out.
“She was also sent to another learning institution in Namibia where she also dropped out…and according to her friends, this predicament mentally tortured her and she could have decided to take her own life,” he said.
Mr Muyambango said police are searching for Ms Kanyembo’s body
He appealed to residents of Livingstone to be on the lookout in case Ms Kanyembo is hiding somewhere.

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Daily Mail

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